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Here is a more comprehensive list of vi commands in command mode.

This section is nearly identical to Vi Reference by Maarten Litmaath "maart@cs.vu.nl" with contributions from: Rich Salz "rsalz@bbn.com", Eamonn McManus "emcmanus@cs.tcd.ie", Diomidis Spinellis "diomidis%ecrcvax.uucp@pyramid.pyramid.com", Blair P. Houghton "bph@buengc.bu.edu", Rusty Haddock "{uunet,att,rutgers}!mimsy.umd.edu!fe2o3!rusty", Panos Tsirigotis "panos@boulder.colorado.edu", David J. MacKenzie "djm@wam.umd.edu", Kevin Carothers "kevin@ttidca.tti.com", and Dan Mercer "mercer@ncrcce.StPaul.NCR.COM".

Warning: some vi versions don't support the more esoteric features described in this document.


Here are the notation conventions for this section:

    default values          : 1
    <*>                     : `*' must not be taken
    [*]                     : `*' is optional
    ^X                      : <ctrl-X>
    <sp>                    : Space
    <cr>                    : Carriage return
    <lf>                    : Linefeed
    <ht>                    : Horizontal tab
    <esc>                   : Escape
    <erase>                 : Your erase character
    <kill>                  : Your kill character
    <intr>                  : Your interrupt character
    <a-z>                   : An element in the range
    N                       : Number (`*' = allowed,
                              `-' = not appropriate)
    CHAR                    : Char unequal to <ht>|<sp>
    WORD                    : Word followed by

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